Becasue of themselves, pandas are too confindent with their weight



Kidding …

There are internal and external factors that contribute to endanger giant pandas. Internal factors include their eating habit, sex ability, and high specification of parenting behaviors. External factors, on the other hand, include destruction of habitats into unconnected isles, and the consequent tribe dissections, inbreeding, and degeneration.


1. Due to intemperate human activities, their habitats are being continuously destroyed. Available living spaces thus shrink.

2. Giant panda’s diet is very restricted to bamboo. Once the supply of bamboo is damaged, their living is greatly affected.

3. Due to some bacterial infection, the giant panda’s reproductive system is generally unproductive, including a low ovulation rate in females, and a decreased mating drive in males. This is a major reason of their close to extinction.

4. Survival rate of panda cubs is low.

5. Pandas are dependent to habitats, and are therefore less able to adapt to new environments.