There are 475 pandas at 68 zoos in China

North China

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Beijing Zoo 9 pandas
Tianjin Zoo 1 pandas
Tianjin photosynthetic Valve Zoo 2 pandas
Shijiazhuang Zoo 2 pandas
Taiyuan Zoo 2 pandas
Ordos Zoo 2 pandas

Northeastern China

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Dalian Forest Zoo 3 pandas
Jilin Northeast Tiger Zoo 2 pandas
Yabuli Panda Zoo 2 pandas

Eastern China

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Shanghai Zoo 2 pandas
Shanghai Wild Animal Park 9 pandas
Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo 2 pandas
Wuxi Zoo 1 pandas
Changzhou Tianmuhu Tour 4 pandas
Yancheng Dafenggang Zoo 2 pandas
Changzhou Yacheng Zoo 2 pandas
Suzhou Taihulake Wetland Park 2 pandas
Yangzhou Zhuyuwan Zoo 1 pandas
Hangzhou Zoo 4 pandas
Hangzhou Safari Park 2 pandas
Wenzhou Zoo 2 pandas
Ningbo Youngor Zoo 2 pandas
Taizhou Changyu Stone Cave Scenic Area 2 pandas
Huzhou Anji Bamboo Zoo 4 pandas
Deqing Xiazhe Lake Panda Zoo 2 pandas
Hefei Wild Animal Zoo 1 pandas
Huangshan Panda Zoo 1 pandas
Nanchang Zoo 2 pandas
Ganzhou Forest Zoo 2 pandas
Jinan Zoo 2 pandas
Linyi Forest And Animal Zoo 2 pandas
Zibo Forest Zoo 2 pandas
Qingdao Zoo 2 pandas
Dezhou Forest And Animal Zoo 2 pandas
Weifang Jinbao Zoo 2 pandas
Weihai Liugongdao Scenic Park 2 pandas
Weihai Xixiakou Zoo 2 pandas

Central China

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Wuhan Zoo 1 pandas
Changsha Zoology Park 6 pandas
Anyang Zoo 2 pandas
Luoyang Longtan Valve Zoo 2 pandas

Southern China

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Changlong Wild Animal Zoo 13 pandas
Guangzhou Zoo 2 pandas
Shenzhen Safari Park 2 pandas
Liuzhou Zoo 2 pandas
Guilin Seven Stars Zoo 2 pandas
Fuzhou Panda Park 6 pandas
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Hongkong Ocean Park 4 pandas
Macau Seac Pai Van Park 4 pandas
Taipei Zoo 3 pandas

Southwestern China

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Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding 179 pandas
China Panda Valve 6 pandas
Chengdu Dujiangyan Base 37 pandas
Chengdu Hetaoping Base 33 pandas
Chengdu Bixiafeng Base 50+ pandas
Chengdu Zoo 13 pandas
Yaan Panda Culture Center 2 pandas
Langzhong Panda Park 2 pandas
Huayingshan Panda Base 2 pandas
Mount Emei Xianzhi Zhujian Ecological Park 3 pandas
Shenzhen Safari Park 2 pandas
International Bamboo Art Panda Park 2 pandas
Chongqing Zoo 9 pandas
Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo 2 pandas
Guiyang Wild Animal Zoo 2 pandas

Northwestern China

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Xian Qinling Wildlife Park 1 pandas
Foping Panda Valve 2 pandas
Lanzhou Zoo 1 pandas

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