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[News] Washington Pandas Moved To New House

Feb 23, thousands of fans attended to a party to celebrate pandas Tiantian, Meixiang, Beibei moved to new house in Washington. The new house renew words and pictures about pandas and add interactive game to help people know more about pandas habitat, history and current situation

[Pictures] Panda Meilan

Panda Meilan, Born on May 29th ,2016 Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding& Research Base, father is Yongyong, mother Meibang Some beautiful pictures Nowadays Meilan, it seems it’s harder and harder to find trees to climb

Why Does Panda Moms Always Bully Panda Babies

We can see from a lot of videos or gifs that panda moms are bullying their kids. Don’t worry about them, they are very strong, even they are babies Then why do panda moms bully their babies ? Actually, panda moms very take care of their babies in their first 6th months, babies [...]

Companion species of the giant panda

Companion species of the giant panda include snub-nosed monkeys red pandas musk deer wildebeests wildebeests common pheasants common pheasants and golden pheasants. golden pheasant These precious creatures basically share the same habitats with the giant panda. In terms of natural history, they are ancient creatures that have lived for [...]

Where Do Pandas Live ?

Where Do Pandas Live? The giant panda has once spread across the watersheds of Yangzi River, Yellow River and Pearl River, ranging from Beijing suburbs to Guangdong area, even Southeast Asia. Now we can only see them in ranges of Qinling Mountains, Min Mountains, Qionglai Mountains, Liang Mountains, and Xiangling Mountains. According to the 4th National [...]

Why Are Pandas Endangered

Becasue of themselves, pandas are too confindent with their weight Kidding ... The endangerment of pandas is divided into internal and external causes. The internal reason is the high specialization of feeding habits, reproductive capacity and breeding behavior. In the long and harsh competition for survival and natural selection, saber-toothed tigers and other animals of [...]

Panda Excretion

Newly-born panda cubs are premature infants, incapable of excreting voluntarily. Therefore, early parenting by mother pandas includes licking the anus and perineum to stimulate excretion. Cubs that are raised by human can normally excrete on their own about 130 days after birth. For this period of approximately 4 months, breeders stabilize the cubs with one [...]