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How Do Pandas Sleep

Aside from spending almost half of their time on eating, pandas usually spend the rest of the time in their dreams. In the wild, pandas sleep for 2 to 4 hours in the middle of every two meals. They may lie flat lie on the side or on the back stretch themselves or curl themselves [...]

Brown Panda – Qizai

On November 1, 2009, a panda cub called Qizai was found in Shaanxi Province, China. Its body shape and behavior are the same as the usual white and black panda, the only difference is that it’s white and brown. Brown pandas is a relatively rare variant of pandas. As of 2009, only five brown pandas had [...]

Panda In Japan

At present, there are about ten pandas living in Japan, aside from China, it is the second largest country in the world to raise pandas. There are three pandas in Ueno Zoological Gardens, six in Adventure World in Shirahama, Wakayama, and one in Kobe Oji Zoo. On October 27, 1972, the Chinese government donated a [...]

Achievements Of China In Protection Of Pandas

China has proven its achievements of protection and research work of pandas by improving the situation of the endangered status of pandas in the wild, increasing the genetic diversity of captive populations of pandas; conducting researches of pandas and reintroducing pandas to the nature. Furthermore, experts have also succeeded in breeding pandas in the wild. [...]

Panda Twin Cubs

The probability for pandas to conceive twins is quite high, the percentage is about 50%. If they are born in the wild, the mother panda usually only chooses to raise one of them, and she’d give up the other one. She must make such a choice, given that her milk is often enough for only [...]

【Encyclopedia】Why Do Pandas Have Black Eyes

African leopards, tigers have black tear stains, that is not because they cry, that is for protecting eyes by powerful light reflected by faces. And pandas black eyes is for the same reason, like doctors tell us to turn on the lights when you are reading or swiping phone at night.

[News] Washington Pandas Moved To New House

Feb 23, thousands of fans attended to a party to celebrate pandas Tiantian, Meixiang, Beibei moved to new house in Washington. The new house renew words and pictures about pandas and add interactive game to help people know more about pandas habitat, history and current situation