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What Sound Does pandas Make

Giant pands are often a quiet solitary animal, but they also communicate with sounds. For example, cubs seek attention from their mothers with sounds like “mmm” and “ee”.   And when they are under pleasant conditions, for example having sex, they pronounce a shaking voice like a sheep’s “bah”.   They [...]

Are Pandas Marsupials

No, panda are not marsupials. Marsupials have pouch to breed and protect their baby This is kangaroo This is Koala This is Opossum While this is panda, you can see it clearly that panda has no pouch while it has baby   Did you learn something new from this article, or maybe you have a [...]

Why Giant Pandas Around World Have To Return To China?

Born and raised in the United States, Bao Bao, a 3-year-old giant panda,had arrived in China. So why giant pandas around world have to return to China? From 1958 to 1982, China gave 23 pandas to nine different countries as gifts to build or enhance  diplomatic relationship. This is called pandas diplomacy By 1984, pandas are not used as diplomatic [...]

Which place can I go to see pandas outside China?

United Kingdom Edinburgh Zoo 2 pandas France ZooParc de Beauval 2 pandas Belgium Pairi Daiza 3 pandas Austria Vienna Zoo 3 pandas Spain Zoo Aquarium Madrid 3 pandas Singapore River Safari 2 pandas [...]

How to be Panda Keeper Volunteer ?

Introduction has officially launched the first “Worldwide Giant Panda Keeper Volunteer Program.” This campaign is supported by Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and co-organized by pandapia. It is to help audiences both at home and abroad gain a better understanding of the scientific popularization of and education on giant pandas, further raise [...]

11 Interesting Giant Panda Facts

1. All giant pandas in the world come from China. Their natural habitats are only found in China. 2. Unlike other bears with almost no dexterity on their claws, giant pandas can adduct and agilely grab with fingers. This feature helps them to grab bamboos and remove stems and leaves, which they don’t like, before eating. [...]

How Much Do pandas Weigh ?

The heaviest newly-born baby panda weighed 247 gram, whereas the smallest weighed only 53.7 grams. The average weight is 140 grams. Among all placental mammals, the giant panda has the smallest baby-to-mother weight ratio. An adult panda (generally over 5 years old) weighs between 80 to 150 kilograms. panda weigh   Did you [...]

How Many Pandas Are Left ?

There are 1,864 individual pandas living in the country’s habitats, which has increased by 16.8% since the previous investigation,according to the 4th China National Investigation on Giant Pandas, published by China National Forestry on February 28, 2015 Among them, 74.4% live in Sichuan province, which makes Sichuan the most populous “capital” for pandas.   Did [...]

How Long Is A Panda Pregnant ?

A female panda is estrual only once a year, and also only mates once a year. Panda’s estrous cycle lasts between March to April every year. But their pregnancy period varies as individuals. The shortest pregnancy period observed so far is 83 days; the longest is 181 days. An artificially reared giant panda is fertile [...]

How Big Is A Panda ?

A standing panda is as tall as a general human being, between 160 to 180 centimeters.    Did you learn something new from this article, or maybe you have a question?  Either way, leave a comment below right now