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1703, 2019

Panda In Japan

At present, there are about ten pandas living in Japan, aside from China, it is the second largest country in the world to raise pandas. There are three pandas in Ueno Zoological Gardens, six in [...]

1303, 2019

Achievements Of China In Protection Of Pandas

China has proven its achievements of protection and research work of pandas by improving the situation of the endangered status of pandas in the wild, increasing the genetic diversity of captive populations of pandas; conducting [...]

403, 2019

Panda Twin Cubs

The probability for pandas to conceive twins is quite high, the percentage is about 50%. If they are born in the wild, the mother panda usually only chooses to raise one of them, and she’d [...]

2802, 2019

【Encyclopedia】Why Do Pandas Have Black Eyes

African leopards, tigers have black tear stains, that is not because they cry, that is for protecting eyes by powerful light reflected by faces. And pandas black eyes is for the same reason, like doctors [...]

2702, 2019

[News] Washington Pandas Moved To New House

Feb 23, thousands of fans attended to a party to celebrate pandas Tiantian, Meixiang, Beibei moved to new house in Washington. The new house renew words and pictures about pandas and add interactive game to [...]

2602, 2019

[Pictures] Panda Meilan

Panda Meilan, Born on May 29th ,2016 Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding& Research Base, father is Yongyong, mother Meibang Some beautiful pictures Nowadays Meilan, it seems it’s harder and harder to find trees to climb

2502, 2019

Why Does Panda Moms Always Bully Panda Babies

We can see from a lot of videos or gifs that panda moms are bullying their kids. Don’t worry about them, they are very strong, even they are babies Then why do panda [...]