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1810, 2018

Which place can I go to see pandas in China?

There are 475 pandas at 68 zoos in China North China Zoo Amount Website Beijing Zoo 9 pandas Tianjin Zoo 1 pandas Tianjin photosynthetic Valve Zoo 2 pandas Shijiazhuang Zoo 2 [...]

1810, 2018

Is it possible to recognize pandas

It is possible to recognize pandas For example, the most three famous pandas   Qiyi, it is well-known because of hugging leg.I think almost panda lovers watched this video. The label of [...]

1710, 2018

Pandas that born in US and moved to China

According to the regulation, any panda baby born during the borrowing shall be returned to china before 4 years old. Below are pandas that born in USA and moved to China Hua Mei, was born 1999 [...]

1610, 2018

What Sound Does pandas Make

Giant pands are often a quiet solitary animal, but they also communicate with sounds. For example, cubs seek attention from their mothers with sounds like “mmm” and “ee”.   And when they are [...]

1210, 2018

Are Pandas Marsupials

No, panda are not marsupials. Marsupials have pouch to breed and protect their baby This is kangaroo This is Koala This is Opossum While this is panda, you can see it clearly that panda has [...]

1110, 2018

Why Giant Pandas Around World Have To Return To China?

Born and raised in the United States, Bao Bao, a 3-year-old giant panda,had arrived in China. So why giant pandas around world have to return to China? From 1958 to 1982, China gave 23 pandas to [...]

1110, 2018

Which place can I go to see pandas outside China?

United Kingdom Edinburgh Zoo 2 pandas France ZooParc de Beauval 2 pandas Belgium Pairi Daiza 3 pandas Austria Vienna Zoo 3 pandas [...]