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Panda Baiyun And Xiaoliwu Will Return To China

After 27th April, the panda "Baiyun" (meaning white cloud), who has lived in the San Diego Zoo for 23 years, will return to China with his son "Xiao Li Wu" (meaning little gift). Who is Baiyun ? Her father is "Pan Pan", the world's most fertile panda. Baiyun is the first panda born in the breeding center [...]

Panda In Austria

China Wildlife Conservation Association signed a 10-years contract with Austria Vienna Zoo about panda breeding research in 2002. Two pandas “yangyang” and “longhui” from Wolong panda center sent to Vienna Zoo in 2003 August 23, 2007, “yangyang” gave birth a panda in Vienna Zoo, named “fulong”. This is the first baby for “yangyang”, It is also the first [...]

Pandas In Australia

Panda “wangwang” and “funi” came to Australia November 2009, becoming the the first couple in Adelaide Zoo Adelaide Zoo is one of 22 zoos that have pandas all over the world, also the only zoo that has pandas in Australia Australian hope those two pandas can give birth panda cubs during the loan period, however,"funi" failed to [...]

Panda In US

In 1941, the Government of the Republic of China presented a pair of pandas to the United States to express its gratitude, since the US had made efforts in rescuing the Chinese refugees in the Second World War. On February 21, 1972, the US President, Nixon, visited China. On the day after she arrived in Beijing, [...]

Panda In Japan

At present, there are about ten pandas living in Japan, aside from China, it is the second largest country in the world to raise pandas. There are three pandas in Ueno Zoological Gardens, six in Adventure World in Shirahama, Wakayama, and one in Kobe Oji Zoo. On October 27, 1972, the Chinese government donated a [...]