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The Growth Cycle Of Pandas

Newborn: A newborn panda cub is only one-thousandth of the weight of its mother. The average weight is only about 120 grams, the lightest is 51 grams, and the heaviest is 225 grams.  The cub has pink skin and white hair, its eyes and ears are not fully developed, nor its immune system. One to [...]

Why Do People Like Panda

The reason is the survival instinct of human beings to be fond of pandas. If we see an alien, would you find it lovely? I guess it’s not likely. But if you see a tiny human being (babies), would you find it cute? Normally, you would. It’s not because the baby is “cute” that we [...]

Panda’s Tail

But, does anyone still remember what a panda’s tail look like ? Perhaps someone may ask, “what, does a panda have a tail?” The weight of a newborn panda is generally between 120 and 160g, and the body length is from 13 to 16 cm. Their tail and body length ratio is about 1/4. When they [...]

How Do Pandas Raise Panda Cubs?

The breeding rate of pandas is relatively low. A mother usually needs one and a half to two years to take care of her cubs. Pandas do not reproduce after labor. As a result, pandas usually give birth every other year. Not only pandas, but many other animals have the same breeding patterns, such as [...]

How much does it cost to raise a panda in private?

The cost of raising a panda is divided into three parts - rent, food, and venue. Under normal circumstances, renting a panda costs 1 million US dollars every year. It is not ideal for raising a single one. When it reaches its estrus period, it must reproduce to continue their population. Therefore, raising two would [...]

Qinling Panda

Qinling is an area with the highest population of pandas in China, its density ranks the first throughout the country. Qinling pandas is an important group of pandas, they have a unique distribution pattern and evolution history. There is a significant difference between the Qinling pandas and those in Sichuan and Gansu. That is, it [...]

Do pandas attack human beings?

There are examples of pandas attacking human beings, whether they’re pandas living in the wild or in captivity. Pandas are omnivorous animals. In addition to eating bamboo and bamboo shoots, pandas living in the wild also prey on small animals such as bamboo rats and birds. Occasionally, there’re news reports about pandas entering the mountains [...]